Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Electra Woman & DynaGirl"

Sneak Peek Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart as "Electra Woman & Dyna Girl", in the new feature film reboot of the 1976 female superhero team:

The original Electra Woman and DynaGirl, produced by Sid and Marty Krofft, was a live action science fiction children's television series.

"Electra Woman and DynaGirl" aired 16 episodes in a single season as part of the umbrella series "The Krofft Supershow". When later syndicated in the package "Krofft Super Stars" and released on home video, the 16 segments, which were each about 12 minutes long, were combined into eight episodes.

"...deliberately lampooning the superhero combo of 'Batman' and 'Robin', taking many of its cues from the earlier "Batman" 1966 TV series, the show followed the crime-fighting exploits of female caped crusader 'Electra Woman' (Deidre Hall) and her teen sidekick 'Dyna Girl' (Judy Strangis), who worked in their off-time as reporters for a magazine.

"In each episode, the duo would don skintight spandex in a bright flash of light called an 'Electra-Change', get into the 'ElectraCar' and use an array of technically advanced gadgets to thwart an eclectic collection of super-villains.

"They were assisted by 'Frank Heflin' (Norman Alden), a scientist who stayed at their 'ElectraBase', operating its highly sophisticated 'CrimeScope' computer...

"...a parody of the 'BatComputer', while keeping in continual contact with the pair through their 'ElectraComs'..."

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